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Terms of Usage

Using programs that cost gazillions of dollars (well, hundreds, at least) and spending many hours designing all of the images you find in this collection, I want full credit for designing them.

The items on the following pages are copyright of LV Designs,
a division of Lisaviolet's (tm) Cathouse. They are available free of charge, for personal or non-profit websites only. They are not to be used on commercial sites, nor are they available for distribution in other graphics collection (if you see them in other collections, please let me know). A link back to
L V Designs
would be appreciated.

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Please do not link to these pages, but save them to your own system and load them onto your own site server. One reason is that MY server doesn't like bandwidth theft and another reason is if I decide to move them (as I have in the past) it will mess up your page and your hard work.

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