Html Pages Generator
Step 1.
Generate all of the HTML you wish by using the palettes surrounding the first large text area. All HTML you create will be added to this text area in the order you make it by clicking on the the "Add" buttons under each catagory.
When finished go to step 2 below.
Table Width:
Cell Padding:
Cell Spacing:

HINT: Cut & paste generated text, links, and images over "ADD TEXT"
Heading1: Size:    
Heading2: Size:    

Step 1. Font:

Step 2. Font size:
Step 3. Font color:

Step 6 . Font Style (ignore for defualt):

Bold > Italic>
Paragraph >

Step 7. Alignment

Step 8 >
Add Line Breaks >

START> Form Action:
Form Method:

Text Field Name:
Char Width:
Text Field Type:

Text Area Name:
Columns: Rows:

Check Box Value:

Radio Button Value:

Submit Button Label:

Reset Button Label:

Step 2.
After you have completed generating HTML codes from using the palettes above and to the right of this paragraph, Fill out the information next to the large text area below. Click "create HTML" when finished.
Link Text: Link URL:
Image Source: Image Link:
Drop Menu Title:     
Option URL:     
Option Name:    
Page Title:
Page Description:
Page Keywords:
Body Color:
Text Color:
Link Color:
Visited Link Color:

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