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Aliceblue Antique white Apricot Aqua Aquamarine Azure Beige Bisque Black
Blanched almond Blue Blueviolet Brick red Brown Burlywood Cadet blue Chartreuse Chocolate
Coral Cornflower blue Cornsilk Crimson Cyan Dark blue Dark brown Dark cyan Dark goldenrod
Dark gray Dark green Dark khaki Dark magenta Dark olivegreen Dark orange Dark orchid Dark red Dark salmon
Dark seagreen Dark slateblue Dark slategray Dark turquoise Dark violet Deep pink Deep skyblue Dim gray Dodger blue
Firebrick Floral white Forest green Gainsboro Ghostwhite Gold Goldenrod Gray Green
Green yellow Honeydew Hot pink Indian red Indigo Ivory Kelly green Khaki Lavender
Lavender blush Lawn green Lemon chiffon Light blue Light coral Light cyan Light goldenrod Light green Light grey
Light pink Light salmon Light seagreen Light skyblue Light slategray Light steelblue Light yellow Lime Limegreen
Linen Magenta Maroon Medium aquamarine Medium blue Medium orchid Medium purple Medium seagreen Medium slateblue
Medium springgreen Medium turquoise Medium violetred Midnight blue Mint cream Misty rose Moccasin Navajo white Navy
Old lace Olive Olivedrab Orange Orangered Orchid Pale goldenrod Pale green Pale turquoise
Pale violetred Papayawhip Peachpuff Peru Pink Plum Powder blue Purple Red
Rosey brown Royal blue Saddle brown Salmon Sandy brown Seagreen Seashell Sienna Silver
Sky blue Slate blue Slate gray Snow Spring green Steel blue Tan Teal Thistle
Tomato Turquoise Violet Wheat White White smoke Yellow Yellow Green

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